Much of our research has moved online in the past year and we are always in need of participants! If you have the time and fit the criteria, my active studies are highlighted below.

  • The Brief Assessment of Music Perception is a short test of ability to detect errors in musical pitch or timing (20-30 min). Any adult can participate. At the end, you will see how your scores compare to thousands of others.

  • Can you hear a smile in a song? In this task you will rate short clips of singing various features (30 min total). Any adult can participate. One in ten participants will win a gift certificate!

  • Sing a song for science! This is a very short study (~5-10 min) for kids age 3-8 that involves singing and inventing songs. If you have a child around that age, or know someone who does, please share!

  • Many other projects can be found on the BRAMS online testing platform.